Crystal Solidification Machine ECAM ماكينة طباعة الكريستال بالالوان

ECAM Product Description Csm-uv-300 Voltage: 220v Crystal Solidification Machine1 Price per Unit (piece): Detailed Product Description Csm-uv-300 Voltage: 220v Power: 64w Size:45cm*45cm*43cm Weight: 15kg Description: it is a necessary machine for making and solidifying the crystal. Easy To operate and agglutinate the crystal speedy with no hurt for human beings. Photo crystal is one of our important product items. In order to satisfy your requirements We supply professional solidification machines and high quality crystal Materials. We have developed 24 different shapes of crystal, with k9 quality And exquisite craft which keep your photo looks eternal and noble. We believe that With our leading technology of photo crystal and finest article

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